Today Microsoft have released the latest update to Windows 10. It goes by a few different names, officially it’s called the 1803 Feature Update, it’s also known as the Windows 10 April 2018 Update and the code named was Redstone 4. Here are my top three new features in the OS:

  1. Timeline

    Timeline replaces the old task switcher in Window 10 and is a much-improved way of working. With timeline, you see your app history so you can switch between the running tasks but also scroll back through time and pickup web pages and apps that you have previously users. It is a great way to carry on from where you left off. It also synchronizes between your devices so it does not matter which device you used. Over on the right of the screen it shows you the date range and you can scroll up and down through it. Developers need to enable their apps for TimeLine and so far it seems most of Microsoft’s apps have been updated. I have found it very handy and much more useful than the old task switcher.

  2. Windows Mixed Reality Update

    For users of Windows Mixed Reality there is improved integration with StreamVR including haptic feedback in Stream apps. There is also a new virtual home in the form of the Skyloft, it’s a larger more modern looking environment and you can switch between the old Cliff House and new Skyloft. It is a great looking space and one I am going to be using interest of the Cliff House. A great improvement for games is haptic feedback on the motion controllers when playing StreamVR games, it’s a small change but really improves gaming.

    Plus Microsoft have reduced the RAM usage when using SteamVR so players with lower spec graphics cards (like me) will see improved performance while using SteamVR apps and games. With the new SteamVR option you can turn down the screen resolution so if your machine is struggling with SteamVR game you can drop down the resolution making the framerate much smoother.

    The performance of live preview to the desktop is much better as they have improved the video streaming.

  3. Nearby Share

    Nearby Share is a way of sharing content between devices via Bluetooth. Once you have enabled the feature you can use the sharing icon in Windows and then it shared the document via Bluetooth. Its surprisingly simple and works well. For it to work both the machines will need the Redstone 4 update. It is a lot easier than emailing documents between devices or digging in a draw for an old memory stick!

It’s well worth updating to the latest version of Windows 10, not just for the new features but also the security enhancements and bug fixes included in the release. Here is my video guide to the changes in this update:

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