One of the great new features in Redstone 4 / Spring Creators Update is the ability to pin photos to the wall in Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens. It is a small change but it means you can enjoy your photos in Windows Mixed Reality or on HoloLens and really customise your space.

To pin photos just fire up the Photos app browse to the photo you want to pin and then click on the “Place in mixed world”, the picture then pops out and you can place it anywhere in your virtual reality world or in your real world with HoloLens. It may be only a small change but a welcome addition to Windows Mixed Reality.

Here a video of how it works in HoloLens. If you are interested in the other changes in Windows Mixed Reality have a look at my Skyloft video and my hands on with HoloLens running Redstone 4 Preview.

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