Microsoft kept the HoloLens project a closely guarded secret and required a massive amount of engineering to bring together the necessary components to create a mixed reality computer. Microsoft have posts an interesting article on how the design team came together to overcome some of the technical challenges.

So how did they build a holographic computer to wear on the head? Much like they built the hardware team itself: with true grit, from the ground up.

The team, replete with experienced engineers and designers from both startups and large companies in Silicon Valley, brought its creativity, talent, experience, and unique perspective to shape the foundation of the innovative HoloLens design.

HoloLens is an immensely complicated product. Specialized components—multiple sensors, advanced optics, and a custom holographic processing unit—all work together to birth a hologram with no external cameras, no wires, no phone, and no connection to a PC needed.

“It’s no easy feat for a human to see the real world, to place holographic objects alongside real world objects, and to walk around with a headset on without feeling sick,” said Patrick Codd, who leads the electrical engineering arm of the project. “The research that went into what makes humans nauseated, how to prevent that, and how to make images look sharp was not a trivial task.”

Read the full article on the Microsoft Blog.

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