If you are recording video, podcasts, Skype calls or voice-overs you need a good microphone solution for your PC. You could use a headset but if you are doing video as well something simpler like a lapel microphone would be a better solution.

The £14.99 (on Amazon) lapel microphone from FIFINE has a USB plug on one end and the clip on mic on the other end. You do not need it install any drivers just plug it into a PC or Mac and it will show up as a recording device, you can then use your favourite recording software to record the audio. It also has a headphone port built in so you can connect any headphones to it.

I found the audio quality is as good as or better than most budget USB headsets, it cannot compete with a dedicated large microphone but for lapel use, it works well. I have record two videos using the microphone and found the quality to be good, it does pick up a bit of background noise but not enough to be distracting. I also found there is no lag when recording.

Output Impedance:≤680Ω
Frequency Range50-16,000Hz
Operation Voltage5V
Min Operation Voltage1.0V
Current Consumption≤0.5mA
Signal to Noise Ratio≥56dB

Here is my look at the video and checkout my recent Windows 10 video where I used the microphone for the voice over.

Here is the microphone in action:

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