Details are starting to emerge of the next update for Microsoft’s HoloLens. The HoloLens has not been update for some time and currently running build 14393 (Anniversary Update) and the next update will bring many new features. I do not have any official details yet but I have from a number of sources that the update is on the way.

Redstone 4

The update built on Windows 10 Redstone 4, which is the current development version of Windows 10. RS4 is going through its final stages of development and is due out either later this month or early April. The release includes support for WebVR so HoloLens will be able to view web based 3D/360 content. The UI will also feature fluent design and access to some of the updated Windows 10 apps like the latest version of OneNote and hopefully a version of Skype that works! There are many benefits of Redstone 4 and at least it means developers of HoloLens apps can target the same OS version as Windows Mixed Reality apps.

Faster performance

One of the main benefits of the update is speed. Test of the build have reported a big speed increase to the OS and apps in general.

3D Live Tiles

This release will support 3D live tiles that should give a more interactive shell

Two handed control

The new build will support two-handed control so you should be able to grab object and manipulate them with both hands. This should work like it does in the immersive Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Support for Windows Mixed Reality motion controller

Speaking of Windows Mixed Reality, this build will see support for the WMR immersive controllers. Initially it will be for button control only but it should help testing apps that support both platforms.

Research Mode

Developers are going to have access to low level depth data in what is called “Research Mode”. You will not be able to publish apps using the data to the Microsoft Store but it said to be for preparing developers for the next version of HoloLens.

When will the HoloLens update be released?

We do not have any official details of when the update will be released but it is rumoured to be before the end of March and will roll out to Window Insiders first.

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