We are inching close to the final release of the Windows 10 Redstone 4 release with the new build for insiders today. Build 17128 is for Windows Insiders on the fast ring does not include any new features as Microsoft finish off the development process ready for release. The only change between this build and the previous 17127 release is there is no watermark in the lower right hand corner.

Microsoft point out that does not mean that his is the final build but it is the phase of checking in the final code ready for release:

On Build 17128, you will notice that the watermark at the lower right-hand corner of the desktop has disappeared. This does not mean this is the final build as we are not done yet. We’re just now beginning the phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release. The only difference between this build and Build 17127 from Tuesday is the removal of the watermark. However, we’ve got more fixes being checked in for the next flight.

Lookout for my hands on video soon


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