Today Steam have pushed out some updates for Steam VR integration with Windows Mixed Reality, some are available now and some are coming with new builds. The updates coming to Windows Insider builds has an improved start up configuration that should help game performance by having lower latency. This maybe a way of avoiding loading all the Cliff House resources when playing SteamVR games.

Other changes coming for Insiders include the ability to see the battery status in the SteamVR status window and the addition of some extra controller inputs. The update available today are improved controller animations and textures.

Over the last few months Steam and Microsoft have done a lot of work to improve the integration of the platforms.

Details (via Steam):

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR has been updated with the following changes:

Textures on the controller models now look better in applications that use a simplified rendering model

Buttons and joystick on the controller models now animate when you interact with them

Improved logging to help diagnose issues with controllers and start-up

This update also includes changes that only affect upcoming Windows Insider flights:

A more reliable implementation of running start, which helps games achieve lower latency

The mouse will now be visible on the desktop while playing SteamVR games

Controller battery status will be visible in the SteamVR status window

Gamepads and other controller peripherals will now work for SteamVR games that use new versions of XInput

The proximity sensor button state will be available to games

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