In this video I am talking at look at a pair of Damson active noise cancelling headphones. The headphones are the over ear type and are Bluetooth wireless but also have cable included so you can use them with any devices.

They are active noise cancelling which means they sample the noise in your environment and using phase shifting it cancels out the sound. This is great for noisy environments like a train or a plane. The headphones costs £129 (on Amazon) so they are considerably less than something like the Bose Active headphones which come in at over £400. While they don’t sound as good as the premium headphones they do deliver a great sound with very clear sound quality and a good bass response. I found they sound very immersive even without the active noise cancelling, and when you switch on the active processing they also seem to improve the bass.

They are very well made with a premium metal feel, and very comfortable to wear. In the box they come with a case, Micro-USB cable for charging and an audio cable. When using Bluetooth there are transport controls and volume controls, there is even a microphone built in. With the microphone you can pair up the headphones with a PC and with a phone so you can be listening to music with your PC and when a call comes in it switches the phone.
In this video I talk a look at the headphones and see how they sound:

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