Microsoft’s HoloLens has many interesting application and the latest is from legendary music producer Brian Eno. The new project is an augmented reality music experiences using the HoloLens at a space in Amsterdam. It’s an interactive experience where visitors wearing HoloLens can create “blooms” of AR bubbles that create a musical notes which play along with other visitors blooms. It sounds like it should be chaos but instead it seems to have a harmonious experience. An article on has a full write-up and you can see it in action on the It’s a shame you can’t try out the app for yourself on a HoloLens or Windows Mixed Reality headset as it seems to be restricted to the live performance space.

Musician, producer, visual artist, and thinker Brian Eno, together with longtime collaborator Peter Chilvers, are launching their first mixed reality project with Bloom: Open Space, a generative audio-visual installation brought to life with Microsoft HoloLens. Based on their award-winning app, Bloom, the innovative mixed reality installation blurs the lines between the physical and virtual, exploring uncharted territory in the realms of both applications and generative art.

Bloom: Open Space allows participants to experience the original generative music app in a completely new context. Guests step into a central zone surrounded by screens, where they can physically experience Bloom – tapping the air around them to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies with the simplest of gestures.

Live in Amsterdam for just five days (21-25 February), Bloom: Open Space is an incredible new mixed reality generative music experience created by Brian Eno and his longtime collaborator, Peter Chilvers. For those unable to make it to The Transformatorhuis (Trafo House) at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam to explore this MR installation in person, check out our photos below, and go behind the scenes to see how HoloLens helped these artists further blur the lines between the physical and virtual. For tickets and more info, visit

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