Steam and Microsoft continue working together to improve SteamVR performance on Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The latest update released a couple of days ago has many improvements including performance improvements, a SteamVR logo in the cliff house and controller compatibility:

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR has been updated with the following changes:

Improved performance by being more precise in when we wake up at each vsync

Future Windows Insider builds will show the SteamVR logo in the Cliff House

Fixed a bug in the behavior of throwing objects when using the experimental thumbstick turning feature[]

Removed the temporary workaround to reverse controllers with the right thumbstick: the right thumbstick will now open the SteamVR Dashboard just as the left thumbstick does. If you still encounter a game that reverses your hands, try starting the game with your controllers off and then turning the left one on, followed by the right one.

Internal changes to use the new SteamVR input system (no noticeable changes for users)

It’s good to see Microsoft and Steam working together.

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