Good news for Doom fans with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Doom VFR is being updated today enabling the game for Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the Lenovo Explorer. The game costs £19.99 on Steam and looking at the reviews gamers either love it or hate it.

Here are the changes with today’s update:

A new patch for DOOM VFR will be deployed on January 30 for PC. Here are the patch notes.

Added Windows Mixed Reality headset support

Added Smooth Locomotion control option

Added Smooth Locomotion movement speed options

Added Weapon Pitch option to adjust angle of weapon on controller

Added option for Jump while using VR controllers with Smooth Movement on

Added toggle for Dash when smooth movement is on

Added Jump to Gamepad controller scheme

Fixed an issue with discoloring seen on some HMDs

Various bug fixes[/list

The DOOM VFR patch will take place at 2:00pm CST/3:00pm EST on January 30th on PC

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