Bigscreen has just been launched for Windows Mixed Reality. Bigscreen is a social virtual desktop app then enables sharing your desktop and content with your friends and colleagues so you can work on applications, watch movies and play PC games together. The app has been available for SteamVR for a while is now available for Microsoft’s headsets.

Once you launch the app you have a virtual environment where you can see and interact with your Windows desktop. There are multiple rooms available ranging from a cinema to a kitchen which can share with other users, you can use it on your own or have other users sat in the room with you while you look at the same content. They have “big rooms” where only the host can stream video content which is ideal for watching movies or TV shows together and they have “rooms” where 4 users can share content together.

The app is free and available from the Microsoft Store and Steam.

Bigscreen is a social virtual desktop app that lets you use your computer in VR on massive virtual screens. Hang out in virtual worlds and collaborate with coworkers, play PC games & watch a movie with friends, or relax by the campfire and chat.

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