After a few week’s not being able to release Redstone builds due to bugs Microsoft have finally a build out. The new build is 17063 and contains many new features including the new Timeline feature. Here is how Microsoft describe Timeline:

Timeline is here! We know that it can be difficult to get back to stuff you were working on in the past. If you’re like us, you might sometimes forget which site or app you were using or where you saved a file. Now you can finally close apps without worrying—with Timeline, you can get right back to where you left off.

Timeline introduces a new way to resume past activities you started on this PC, other Windows PCs, and iOS/Android devices. Timeline enhances Task View, allowing you to switch between currently running apps and past activities.

The default view of Timeline shows snapshots of the most relevant activities from earlier in the day or a specific past date. A new annotated scrollbar makes it easy to get back to past activities.

You can turn on and off Timeline on a per user basis:

You can also resume actives from Cortana:

Read Microsoft’s post on how to get started.

Other changes to this build include more fluent design elements in Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge now supports an updated Dark theme, with darker blacks, and much better contrast with all colors, text, and icons.

Cortana has a new look:

Cortana’s Notebook has a new look: Notebook has undergone a UX transformation to be more responsive to Cortana’s evolving capabilities and allow users to easily complete their tasks.

Your content has a new home called Organizer that lets you access your lists and reminders with ease. And all Skills are together, so you can easily configure Cortana to suit your needs. Configuration experience has also been significantly simplified.

Tabbed view to cleanly segregate your content and configuration and single page to manage Cortana’s Skills and easy way to discover more.

Simplified configuration experience page with easy interest management.

This is a server side change currently rolling out for those using English (United States) and will be rolled out to other markets with time.

Cortana now has some new music control features if you are in the US:

Play Christmas music on Spotify

Play my discover weekly playlist on Spotify

Play <Artist/Track/Title/Genre/Mood> on <AppName>

Play some Drake

Play focus music

Play rock music

Play my tracks

Once music is playing you can ask Cortana what’s playing like this:

Hey Cortana, what’s playing?

With this build they are many other changes which I will show off on my build video, here are some of the bullet points:

  • Drag and drop rearrange in My People
  • More than 3 people in My People
  • New Settings look
  • Security questions for local accounts
  • A new Keyboard Settings page
  • A new and improved Region & Language Settings page
  • Emoji Panel in more languages

Plus many more minor changes. Here are the known issues, and I would checkout Microsoft’s post for the full list. Lookout for my hands on video soon.

Popular Tencent games like League of Legends and NBA2k Online may cause 64-bit PCs to bugcheck (GSOD).

[DEVELOPERS] Deploying an x86 app to a x64 PC remotely result in “FileNotFound” deployment failures if the target PC is running Build 17040. Deploying an x64 app to a x64 PC remotely or a x86 app to a x86 PC will work fine.

Microsoft Edge may not receive Push Notifications from websites in this flight, due to an issue saving permissions on a per-site basis. We expect this issue to be resolved in the next preview build.

Launching an immersive 360 degree video from the Movies and TV app within Windows Mixed Reality will result in the video facing the wrong way. Subsequent launches of 360 degree videos will work correctly.

When users try to create a Microsoft Edge InPrivate window from inside a Mixed Reality headset, a regular window will get created instead. Users won’t be able to use InPrivate inside Mixed Reality in this build. InPrivate on desktop is not affected.

We’re preparing for the inclusion of OpenSSH Server as a deployment mechanism in Developer Mode. However the UI code got checked in ahead of the components, and so while there is a “Use OpenSSH (Beta) for remote deployment” switch in the UI under Settings, it won’t work, and turning it on will break remote deployment to that device until the switch is turned off.

If you’re using any EUDC fonts Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and other apps that use a webview won’t launch. You can resolve this issue by deleting the HKCU\EUDC key in Registry Editor. Note, if you do this, you won’t be able to see EUDC characters. We recommend you export this regkey before deleting it, so it’s easy to reapply the key in a future flight once the issue has been fixed.

After upgrading to this build you may find touch and pen to not work on the non-primary display. Related to this, mouse, touch, and pen input might not happen in the right place after an orientation change or if you’re using a non-native aspect ratio. We’re working on a fix.

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