Emby is one of my favourite media center systems and now you control the media system via Amazon Alexa. The Emby team have added an Alexa skill so you can ask Alexa what is up next, pause the playback of ask to play a movie. The skill is for Emby Premiere members and requires linking to your Emby account. Its available for US and the UK with more markets coming soon.

Details from the Emby Blog:

Intelligent Voice Control for Emby

The Emby Alexa Skill enables Emby Premiere members to get information about and control playback of their media on any Emby compatible device. Once you have successfully linked your Emby account to Alexa, you can start playing your favorite movies, TV shows and songs on your devices with your voice. Learn all about how to get the skill and set it up on our wiki.

The skill is available now for your Amazon Echo device in the US or UK with more regions coming soon.

Get the US Version

Get the UK Version

Install the skill, connect with Emby Connect and start controlling your Emby media with just your voice. Things you can try:

“Alexa, ask Emby what’s up next”

“Alexa, ask Emby to play a horror movie”

“Alexa, ask Emby to pause playback”

“Alexa, ask Emby to play the party playlist”

The possibilities go on and on. Get the Emby skill for your Echo device now!

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