Windows Mixed Reality gives you a truly immersive experiences with specially designed games and Windows apps but did you know you can also play your Xbox One games with your headsets?

With Windows 10 you can stream Xbox One games via the Xbox app and we can use this to make a great gaming experiences with Windows Mixed Reality. The best way to get this working is first set up streaming via Xbox app in Windows 10 before putting on the headset. If you have already setup Xbox streaming on your PC you can go straight to Mixed Reality, if you haven’t its quick to get it setup.

Just fire up the Xbox app and in the menu on the left hand side click on the connections button. Make sure you Xbox is switched on and click on the Add Device button, it should automatically detect your Xbox or you can manually enter your Xbox One’s IP address. Once connected you have a stream button.

To start playing Xbox One games in Windows Mixed Reality open up the Xbox app from inside your Cliff House (the virtual environment) and place it somewhere handy. I placed the Xbox app on the wall in the house ready to play games.  Once active click on the Connect button the side menu in the app.

I found the button was off the bottom of the screen so I used the resize button on the app to stretch the app big enough to have the connect icon visible.

To control the game you can plug an Xbox Controller directly into your PC or have it connected to the Xbox One, as I was using it in the same room as my Xbox I left it connected to the Xbox One.

Once you click the stream button everything from Xbox One screen is displayed in the Xbox app within Mixed Reality, the audio is also routed to the mixed reality headset. I found game play works really well, you do need to have a good network connect to your Xbox to avoid display glitches.

So you can have a giant Xbox screen within your Cliff House and play your existing Xbox games using the standard Xbox One controller.

In this video you can see how well it works, more Mixed Reality tips on The Digital

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