Video: Cyberlink Power Media Player MR for Windows Mixed Reality Review

Cyberlink are well known for producing great media players going back to the first DVD addins for Windows Media Player in Windows XP, and now Cyberlink have a new media player app designed for the world of Windows Mixed Reality.

As well as playing traditional media (which it does very well) it will also play 360 degree videos from YouTube as well as your own 360 videos and photos.

As with other UWP apps you can place the app in your Cliff House in Mixed Reality and then browse your own media collection as well as browsing content from YouTube. Other than this app I don’t know any other way of watching YouTube 360 degree videos in Mixed Reality, Microsoft’s Movies & TV app will play 360 videos but not 360 photos or YouTube content. In fact it’s probably the best app for viewing YouTube content in Mixed Reality especially if you want an immersive experience, you can sign into your YouTube account and video your subscribed videos as well as your own content.

As well as playing 360 degree videos and traditional media it also has a 3D mode which tries to make 2D videos into 3D. I found to be not very effective but that is probably to be expected, 2D to 3D never seems to work that well. I did find a couple of UI issues, some of the buttons didn’t display correctly during 360 playback but I am sure they can fix it via an update.

The only issue I have with the video play is the cost £33.49 is expensive for a video player but currently it’s probably the best video experience you can get in Windows Mixed Reality. The good news is that there is a free trial so you can give it a try without costing you a penny.

I am going to try some other file formats and will update the post with my results.

The app is available from the Microsoft Store, here is my look at the Cyberlink Media Player MR in action and checkout my review of the Lenovo Mixed Reality headset.

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