Yesterday Stream added support for StreamVR within Windows Mixed Reality, opening up a new selection of games to Microsoft’s mixed reality devices. The system is in open beta so anyone with a Stream account and a Windows Mixed Reality headset can give it a try.

To get started you need Steam installed on your PC and signed into your Steam account. You should then run the SteamVR performance test which will give you indication of how well your system will perform. You will also need to install SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality Stream VR preview onto your system.

Steam recommend a GTX 1070 graphics card and an Intel Core i7 processor which is above the GTX965/i5 requirements that Microsoft recommend of Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.

Once you have the addin enabled you can launch Stream for MR via the Stream app. I found the best way seems to be to open up the Cliff House and then launch Stream for MR via the stream app on the desktop. Once you are in the virtual environment you can navigate around as you would in the Cliff House.

I found the Stream VR much more demanding on the system than Microsoft’s Cliff House with it being pretty unusable on a Dell XP 15 with Nvidia GTX 960M graphics. I could walk around the home but it is not smooth enough for it be useable.

If you have a PC that can run Stream VR is great that you can use a Windows Mixed Reality to play Stream VR games.

More information at the Stream Community Site.

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