Google Earth is a natural fit for virtual reality, being able to navigate the world and view cities all from your sofa. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly Google don’t support Windows Mixed Reality but there is a way of getting it working on Microsoft’s VR platform. Google Earth VR is available for SteamVR and thanks to a recent update to Steam you can now get SteamVR on Windows Mixed Reality.

The first step is to install Steam for Windows and sign in to your account (create an account if you don’t already have one).

Then from the Steam Store search for and install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. You can then play games from Stream on you Windows Mixed Reality headset so search for and install Google Earth VR from the Stream store.

The best way to use Google Earth VR is to load up the Cliff House and launch the desktop app, you can then double click on the Google Earth icon from the desktop and it will launch it in immersive mode. After a brief loading period you can navigate around the earth using the two Windows Mixed Reality controllers. You can fly around, zoom in and take a tour of various cities and landmarks. You can also select street view mode and view the images in 360 degrees.

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