A pre-release version of the .net based Windows Media Center alternative MediaPortal has been released. The pre-release build is designed to for testing before release and includes a number of fixes:

Full release notes and download links on the MediaPortal site.


We fixed some issues with TSReader where RTSP timeouts were too short in some situations as well as seeking in recordings could trigger end-of-file if extra buffering delay is enabled in registry.

We fixed an issue where MP was not able to find the correct Audio Renderer Device.

We fixed an issue where TV channels were removed when selecting “Edit Recording” in EPG.

We added PowerOff events to the InputHandler mapping.

We added the possibility of bulk deletion in TV Recordings.

We fixed an issue in MyVideos where file deletion failed when the file was playing.

We significantly reduced the CPU load on BasicHome for skins using a lot of skin expressions (from BasicHome Editors) and therefore optimized the rendering times.


We added support for the spectrum analyzer plugin (to be seen in e.g. MusicNowPlaying).

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