Cortana on Android

Cortana for Android has had a new update today with new features and functions, “a major evolution” Microsoft describe it. Version 2.9.4 of the app is currently rolling out and has an updated My day view which now shows top news and to-dos. You can create lists and edit items on lists and there is a new easier way to sign in and sign up to Cortana.

Recently Microsoft added the option to have Cortana be the default assistant on Android so it can listen via the home button. Overtime Microsoft are increasing the feature set of Cortana on Android taking over many of the built in Google functionality.

Cortana is available from the Google Play Store.

What’s New

Cortana 2.9.4 is a major evolution. This release gives you:

• You can now view top news and to-do in My day view

• Smart suggestions to help you do things fast

• User can create a new list and edit list items.

• Easier to sign in/up – you can quickly sign up with phone number

• Personalized help & tips.

• Chitchat buttons, so fun with Cortana is just a tap away

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