Microsoft’s Continue on PC now available on iOS for Windows Insiders

With last week’s Windows Insider build Microsoft introduced a new Continue Now feature where you can browser websites on your phone and then continue browsing on your PC. The feature only works with build 16251 (or higher). When the build was published Microsoft only enabled the feature for Android but over the weekend it the app is available on iOS.

To get started go to the Phone in settings and add a phone, enter the number of your phone and it will text you over a link to the app. It also works on iPad if you go directly to the app store and install the Continue on PC app.

One you have the app installed you it adds a new share target on your iOS device. When you share a webpage for the first time it asked you to sign in with your Microsoft account and then you can select one of your PCs to either open now or open later.

I just tested it with my iPad and it seems to work very well. I now have all my iOS and Android devices setup with Continue Now.

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