A couple of months ago in our exclusive interview with Microsoft Groove’s JT Kimble he told us that Visualisation will be coming to Groove this summer. It looks like that feature could be coming very soon as a new Visualisation option has shown up in the latest Groove build. Version 10.17071.1321.0 which is available for Windows Insiders on the Skip Ahead option of the fast ring and it has a new Playback section in settings with a Visualisers option. Current selecting the option brings up a message that the feature is currently unavailable for your device but I suspect it won’t be long now before the option is enabled.

JT Kimble told us about this a few months ago on edition 601 of The Digital Lifestyle Show, he also told us that equalisers are coming to Groove soon as well.

During the interview (which you can listen to here) JT gave us an insight into some of the new features coming to Microsoft Groove on Windows. This summer Microsoft are adding Visualizations, custom playlists and a graphic equalizer to Groove Music. Anyone that has used Windows for a long time may remember visualization in Windows Media Player. You could have colours, shapes and patterns designs that would move and flow in time with the music. They were almost hypnotic to watch and a great way adding interesting UI to music playback.

One of the most requested feature for Groove is an equalizer, which is a way of tailoring the audio output of Groove to suit your device and taste. It’s great to see the Groove team listening to the community and implementing the feature.

Have a listen to JT talking about Groove:

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