With each release of Windows Microsoft remove old out of date features or deprecate features which will be removed in a future update. Microsoft have detailed the changes to the next release of Windows 10 (called the Fall Creators Update) showing which features will be removed and deprecated.

Some of the features being removed this time:

  • 3D Builder app
  • Outlook Express (who is still using that?)
  • Reader (PDF reading is now built into Microsoft Edge)
  • Reading List (moved to Microsoft Edge)
  • Screen saver in themes

Deprecated and removed in the next build:

  • Microsoft Paint (oh no!)
  • Windows Powershell 2.0

I am sure many people will be lamenting the loss of the classic that is Microsoft Paint but there are many other apps that can handle images in Windows 10 and it won’t actually disappear until the next Windows update in Spring next year.

There are other features which you can read about on Microsoft’s support page.

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