Version 2.1.1 of the Windows Media Center alternative MediaPortal has been released. The new release has the option to manually schedule TV recording by selecting the channel, start and end times. Other changes include an improved media importer, improved video playback and settings menu.

Full release notes and download links on the MediaPortal site.

This service upgrade fixes several bugs and introduces some new features:

  • Media Importer
    We increased the speed and improved the stability of the importer process. We also removed OMDB from the list of online sources to choose from, as it is no longer free to use. A visual indicator has been added to each skin and theme to inform the user that an importer process is ongoing.
  • TV
    We added the possibility to manually schedule recordings: schedules can now be defined for any channel by simply setting start and end times/dates.
    The recording indicator that is displayed on each menu screen while the system is recording a show is now visible in all skins and themes.
    A new setup option now allows users to change the logo style of TV/Radio channels. Besides a new channel group button to swich groups, we also added configuration options to define if name, logo and number of each TV channel should be displayed in the EPG
  • Video playback
    A visual indicator will be shown when the playback is paused.
    Fast forward/rewind now displays the speed of playback.
  • Weather
    We replaced the weather provider WorldWeatherOnline by OpenWeatherMap. The Weather screen now displays a full seven days of weather forecast instead five.
  • Settings menuThe settings menu section has been overworked and now displays its entries in a more logical order and structure.

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