The already excellent 3rd party Philips Hue app for Windows 10 hueDynamic has got even better with the latest update. The app has advanced programming for the Hue Tap and Hue Dimmer physical controllers so you will be able to assign your own routines to the buttons. You could assign a button to cycle through ambiences or have button trigger a slow bed time fade, no programming is needed as you can do it all within the app. Each button supports 4 actions Press, Hold, Release Short and Release Long and so you have a lot of options to control you Philips Hue from Windows 10 (the app also works on Xbox One). You can mix and match which lights you control and you have an amazing rang of control with just one Hue Tap or Hue Dimmer.

You can the app in the Windows Store for £2.29 and you can here the developer of the app talking on our podcast from a few weeks ago, also checkout the new official site for the app.

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