Car makers haven’t been shy about marketing vehicles that run off of electricity, biofuel or even solar power. Any form of technology that is viewed as being beneficial in preserving the environment is not only a good thing for manufacturers, it has also been attractive to car buyers. What drivers might not know is that hemp oil is also a viable fuel that scientists have known about for quite a long time. Because it is derived from the marijuana plant, the U.S. government decided that the negatives outweighed the positives when it came to manufacturing fossil fuel alternatives, and the project was shelved for well over a hundred years. It might be no secret that our founding fathers grew hemp and that it was a viable cash crop for many colonial farmers, but it now looks like regulators are starting to consider getting back to their roots.

What We Already Know About Industrial Grade Hemp Oil

Hemp has a lot of practical uses, from the beauty and healthcare industries to farming and fuel manufacturing. It can be taken as a health supplement that rivals the likes of fish oil and other omega-3 fatty acid rich products. When used in beauty products, it has been shown to benefit the skin in ways that other oils such as shea, coconut and cocoa haven’t been able to duplicate. All in all, it is an expensive crop to grow and easy to synthesize into various products that can be used to improve human life. The controversy surrounding hemp oil centers around its origins. Because hemp comes from the marijuana plant, it is still illegal to produce it in many parts of the country. Fortunately, recent research has proven that responsible hemp farmers can look forward to fewer restrictions and more manufacturing opportunities involving hemp oil.

Can It Really Replace Fossil Fuels?

It has been proven that the amount of fossil fuel being burned to power cars and heavy machinery is rapidly depleting the ozone layer. Using fossil fuels cannot continue to be used at the current rate to power vehicles, so a solid replacement is necessary. While car manufacturers are working to come up with the best solution, hemp has been coming up in conversation again and again. It grows fast, almost like a weed in certain parts of the country. It is durable and versatile, meaning that it can be used to manufacture various products that can further be converted into energy solutions.

Making Cars Run Off of Hemp Power

People might’ve scratched their heads when they learned that vegetable oil could be used to power cars efficiently at first. However, a quick crash course in internal automobile mechanics shows that gasoline can be substituted for just about any type of fuel. The wide scale use of industrial hemp oil would allow car makers to create low cost vehicles and import them to parts of the world where fossil fuels are in high demand.

Imagine being able to keep your vehicle’s fuel safely stored in bulk inside of your garage and also have the ability to order more over the internet when you’re running short. That’s the power that cars powered on industrial grade hemp presents to future car buyers. It isn’t a reality yet, but automakers could soon be looking for ways to market hemp powered cars in your region.

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