Groove for Windows 10

For the last few months Microsoft have been adding new features to Groove and testing them with Windows Insiders. There have been a lot features added and now the changes are rolling out to all Windows users.

The first thing you will notice is the new fluent design which has the acrylic transparent backgrounds (if you are running the Creators Update) and the way images and text resizes and flows. The visual layout of the app is now much improved. Another nice new feature is an auto playlist generator that creates playlists using machine learning based on you selecting artists and genres.

Also added to the app are music videos and music recommendations . That is not the end of the new features coming to Groove for Windows, in our exclusive interview with JT Kimbell Senior Program Manger on the Groove Music team JT revealed that coming to Groove this summer will be Visualizations, custom playlists and a graphic equalizer.

You can listen to the full interview on this The Digital Lifestlye Show and why not subscribe to our podcast feed so you can get the show delivered directly to your favorite podcast app. Jump to the 28mins mark to here JT talk about the new features.

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