The ever popular media center platform Kodi is going 64bit for Windows 10. Developing a 64bit version has been a major undertaking for the Kodi team with over 31 addins requiring porting over to 64bit of Windows 10. The benefits of a 64bit version are improved performance of the video engine and improved compatibility with other OS versions of Kodi. A development version of the 64 bit Kodi v18 is available now via and when version 18 is released the 64 bit version should be available via the Windows Store (as a desktop app).

While its good news that the desktop version is going 64bit its not such good news for the UWP version which could run on the Xbox One. The Kodi team say that a UWP version is developing slowly but some of the 64bit development work will go towards the UWP version, there is no time frame for the UWP version.


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