Windows 10 Philips Hue app

A great app for controlling your Philips Hue light system from Window 10 is hueDynamic a 3rd party Hue app. The app was nominated for an award by Microsoft at the Build conference and the latest update makes it even better. The new version of hueDynamic adds a new photo ambience feature, where you select a photo and then the app which pick out the dominant colours from the pictures and then set up your lights based on the colours. It’s a great way to apply colours to your home, I now have Ferrari red in my living room!

The ambiences can then be saved to the Hue Bridge so you can access them from any version of the app linked to your bridge (the developer calls it “OmniScene technology”).

You can hear the developer of the app Darrell Marjoram talking on The Digital Lifestyle Show #599, Darrell is a very enthusiastic Windows developer and it was very refreshing to hear some talking positively about UWP development. The app costs £3.89 from the Windows Store.

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