This week on the TDL Show we interviewed JT Kimbell Senior Program Manger on the Groove Music team. During the interview (which you can listen to here) JT gave us an insight into some of the new features coming to Microsoft Groove on Windows. Later this year, possible this summer Microsoft are adding Visualizations, custom playlists and a graphic equalizer to Groove Music. Anyone that has used Windows for a long time may remember visualization in Windows Media Player. You could have colours, shapes and patterns designs that would move and flow in time with the music. They were almost hypnotic to watch and a great way adding interesting UI to music playback. The feature will be coming to Groove on Windows 10 and it will be great to see how this looking with modern Windows design.

One of the most requested feature for Groove is an equalizer, which is a way of tailoring the audio output of Groove to suit your device and taste. It’s great to see the Groove team listening to the community and implementing the feature.

Another feature coming to Groove later this year is playlist customisations. You can create a playlist assign it a custom image and even ink on top, so you can have a personalised playlist that you can also share with your friends via places like Facebook.

During the interview we also talked about the one of the top features about requested to the Groove team: A family music pass subscription. Microsoft certainly heard the feedback on that so I am pretty sure Microsoft are looking at it. In the chat we also talked about how the Groove team are using the Windows Insider program to test new builds of Groove and how that has impacted their development process.

You can listen to the full interview on this week’s Digital Lifestlye Show (which is available now) and why not subscribe to our podcast feed so you can get the show delivered directly to your favourite podcast app. Jump to the 28mins mark to here JT talk about the new features.

3 thoughts on “Visualizations, playlist customisation and Equalizer coming to Groove this summer”
  1. Please, someone put Groove out to pasture. I absolutely love the user interface on a PC. It is the best of all the music players out there for PC. But it fails in all other respects. No family subscription plan. It’s hard to “Like” songs as you can in Pandora or Google Play. The Recommended music playlists are weird and very obviously constructed by some poor artificial intelligence. No auto playlists. And because I cancelled my subscription to the Music Pass, I no longer have enough space on OneDrive to store all my music so it can be accessed by multiple devices. Windows Media player is far more useful, despite it’s 2005 looks.

  2. Over 2 years to add an equalizer. What is wrong with these ppl? I guess we should be cheering?

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