Today at Microsoft education event Microsoft have announced a new SKU of windows 10 called Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S is a streamlined version of Windows 10 which will only run apps from the Windows Store making Windows easier to manage and aimed at the educators market.

Microsoft also announced that Office 365 Personal will be coming to the Windows Store so you will be able to have full Office running on Windows 10 S.

Redmond have done a lot of work to bring Windows desktop apps to the Windows Store via its bridge technology . If you try to run a traditional app it will be blocked by the OS and a Windows Store app will be recommended. If you really want to use the app it will be possible to upgrade the machine to run Windows 10 Pro which doesn’t have the restrictions.

Microsoft say this OS will be faster to start up and more secure because only trusted store apps can run on it.

Windows 10 S also has easy configuration wizard so using the setup app you can create a setup image onto a USB stick so you can quickly setup multiple Window devices. Windows 10 S is free for devices already running Windows 10 Pro.

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