KSound Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

No matter how carefully I put my headphones away when I take them out they are tangled up like a bowl of spaghetti. A much more convenient way is with a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones. The KSound headset are completely cable free as they are two independent earbuds.


The earbuds fit comfortably in each ear and they come with alternative rubber covers so you can find the right fit for your ear. They are very light and unobtrusive and shouldn’t draw to much attention to the wearer.

Pairing up with a phone is pretty easy, you first pair the left to the right earbud and then pair it with a phone, it’s a simple process and you get audio notifications during the process. Once paired the sound quality is excellent, the audio is very sharp and clear and better than many traditional wired earbuds I have.

The earbuds come with a USB cable that can charge both buds at the same time and you get about 4 hours between charges. Also included is a small carry case to for the earbuds and charging cable.


I found with my phone on the desk I could walk about 10 meters away without the signal dropping. I should point out there is no microphone with the earbuds unlike some headsets, but that is something I don’t like using any way.

The bottom line is that these have a great quality sound and a very compact size. I am not a big fan of massive headphone, I much prefer a subtle set of headphones.


You can get the headphone for £39.99 at Mobilefun.co.uk

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