Developers dropping support for Windows 10 Mobile isn’t exactly surprising news but its noteworthy when it directly affects you. I control my heating using smart home system Hive which currently supports the web, iOS, Android and up to now Windows 10 Mobile. Today I received an email from Hive (which is owned by British Gas) informing me that they have made the decision to stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile. Hive say the decided to do this because of “lower than expected take-up” which isn’t surprising given the market share of Windows on phones. Fortunately they do have a good web app that works well on Windows 10 Mobile.

It’s sad to see developers leave Windows 10 Mobile especially as the Windows Hive app was better than its iOS and Android equivalents.

We recently launched a new Web app, that now has all of the same great features as your Windows mobile app and more.

As part of this release, we have made the tough decision to stop supporting the Windows mobile app after lower than expected take-up. This is not a decision that was taken lightly, and was on the condition that we had an alternative that we are confident that you’ll be happy with.

What does this mean for me?

Rest assured, for the next 6 months your Windows App will continue to work as it has, however you will start to notice that there are features on the web app that aren’t available in your Windows app.

We recommend adding a bookmark to your phone’s homescreen to make accessing the Web app quick and easy. Simply open in Internet Explorer > click the menu in the top right > click “Pin to start” and you will be able to access your Hive Web app in much in the same was as you do now.

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