How to Get into Healthcare as an IT Specialist

A career in healthcare is a rewarding one for several reasons. The industry is growing rapidly and there are a lot of positions that need filling in hospitals and medical institutions. There is also a big demand for IT specialists, which means you can get into healthcare using the skills and expertise you already have in information technology. According to studies by the online MSHI program of the University of Cincinnati, technologies such as big data, cloud computing and telehealth are being implemented across the country, creating thousands of new jobs for IT specialists.

The implementation of healthcare information systems enables service providers to offer better, faster treatments at much lower cost. It’s also enabling healthcare service providers to offer additional services, such as a collaborative platform on which doctors from different parts of the world can work together.

Learn more about the immense opportunity to explore from the full infographic, The Anatomy of a Health IT Ecosystem by the University of Cincinnati.

University of Cincinnati

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