If you have listened to this week’s TDL Show you would have heard us discussing the impending closure of the BBC’s commercial video store. Today I received an email from the BBC Store confirming the store is closing and a voucher offer from the BBC.

The BBC Store will close on 1st November 2017 and from today you will be unable to buy new content from the store. In the email the store offers either a refund for the amount paid to the store or a voucher for Amazon Video worth slightly more than the purchases amount. In my case I have been offered a refund of £5.24 (the amount I spent in the store) or an Amazon Video voucher for £7.50.

It’s sad to see the service shutdown as the offered a good range of content and dedicated players for Windows 10 (via a great UWP app), iOS and Android. The reason for the closer is said to be low sales and competition from the likes of Amazon Video.

Sadly, we have taken the difficult decision to close BBC Store on 1st November 2017.

From today, we are no longer making programmes available to buy on BBC Store. (However, if you have purchased a series pass, those remaining episodes will still appear in My Programmes.)


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