Wi-Fi range extenders are great for filling Wi-Fi dead spots within your home. They work be picking up your existing Wi-Fi and then re-broadcasting it, so you place it on the edge of your current network range and then you get wider coverage by the extender. I tend to place one on the landing in my house and then rooms off the landing pick up the Wi-Fi from the new device.

The TP-Link RE305 costs around £50 (on Amazon) and supports AC 1200 dual band Wi-Fi. It also has an Ethernet port built in so you can connect a device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi to it like say a TV set top box and then the device can connect up to your Wi-Fi.


Pairing up is really easy, it supports WPS for quick connections or you can manually input your Wi-Fi network details. It also has some management features via an iOS or Android app, this enables you to see what devices are connected up to the extender and you can block devices if you want to. There is also a Night Mode which you can set on a timer which turns off the LEDs so the flashing lights don’t keep you awake at night.

In this video I setup the extender and take a look at the management app, you can also see the boost if gives my signal strength.

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