A quick heads up for OpenELEC users. Version 8.0.2 of the embedded media center system has been released. The update fixes issues Kodi and update some of the core components of the OS.

Details from Openelect.tv:

OpenELEC 8.0.2 is a maintenance release for OpenELEC-8.0 series. The main fixes are:

disable RTL8XXXU driver, which was loaded together with RTL8192CU/EU driver and caused conflicts with some WLAN USB dongles.

add CONFIG_SND_SOC_STA32X and CONFIG_SND_SOC_WM8804_I2C for RPi builds, needed for some RPi Sound modules.

remove 0 byte database files in Kodi, to workaround database upgrade failures in Kodi.

build Kodi with SSE4 support for Generic builds.

fix broken Kodi addon library names for x86_64 builds.

force loading fuse module to fix mounting ntfs and exfat partitions.

update to mesa-17.0.4, dbus-1.10.18, linux-4.9.24 (Generic), linux-4.9.23 (RPi), libdrm-2.4.80 and curl-7.54.0

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