Wireless charging is a convenient way of changing your phone up, and the MAGQI a great new QI charging stand. The stand has a magnet built into it so phone seems to float on the stand while charging. As it holds the phone upright you can interact with the phone while charging.

The stand is made from aluminium with a soft pad to cushion the phone. It holds the phone at a combatable angle so you can use the phone while its on your desk. The stand uses the QI standard and should work with devices like Samsung S7 and Lumia 950 XL which is what I used to test it. It gets warm but not overly hot while charging and the charging time seems to be about the same as other QI charging devices (about 80% of a wired charge time).

Overall a good value well-made charger for QI enabled devices and included in the package is a MicroUSB cable for charging.

The charger costs £14.99 on Amazon UK.

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