In this video I take a look at an OLALA iDisk USB drive. The cleaver thing about this drive is that it has a lighting connector so you can connect it to an iPhone or iPad and a USB connector that you can connect to a PC of Mac. The drive is made out of aluminium and has a solid construction, the USB port is on one end and the lighting connector on the other end with a metal cover that pivots around them.

The drive is 64GB and supports USB 3.0, its Apple MFI certified and on the PC side works without an additional software. On iOS devices you have to use iDisk app (which is free from the app store) to be able to interact with the drive. It is really easy to move files between devices, just plug the drive into a PC copy a file to it and then plug the device into an iPad and via the iDisk app you can view the file or copy it to the iPad. You can play music, movies and view pictures directly off the drive.


The drive costs $48.99 from Amazon for the 64GB version and if you have an iOS device this is a very handy solution.

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