Microsoft have released and interesting update for the Windows 10 Movies & TV app (Called Film & TV in the UK) . Version 10.17021 supports 360° videos so you can tilt or drag around to look in any direction on supported video files.

Also in the update is support for more video formats, for example if you open a video with MPEG-2 (typical DVD type files) then Windows 10 will prompt to download the missing extension. Both these new features require the Windows 10 Creators Update but the only way to currently test the app is if your machine is on the slow ring of the Insider Program as fast ring updates are on hold while Microsoft test out the versions of apps that will ship in the Windows 10 Creators Update (see this Neowin story). All my devices running Creators Update are on the fast ring so I can’t test it.

Hopefully the fast ring will get the update soon, here are the full list of changes:

Movies & TV version 10.17021 for PC, Mobile

Applicable ring: Windows Insider Slow

  • Get into the action with 360° videos—tilt or drag in any direction to look around. (Windows 10 Creators Update required)

  • Binge-watch previews of our new and pre-order movies using the new Trailer gallery.

  • Explore a broad range of movies and TV shows, including titles picked just for you.

  • All the movies and TV shows you’ve bought or rented are now together on one page.

  • Play a broader range of video formats. For MPEG-2 videos, you’ll be prompted to download an extension containing the codecs you need. (Windows 10 Creators Update required)

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