The Kodi team have released version 17 of the media center system that can trace its routes back to Xbox Media Center. Version 17 (coded named Krypton) is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. It brings an updated user interface, improved organisation of settings, improved video player and music library. It is also available via the Windows Store.

There is a new look to Kodi thanks to the Estuary skin which is designed for the 10 foot interface and for touch screens there is Estouchy.

For TV users there is improved PVR features and live TV features:

Live TV and PVR

Kodi 17.0 has numerous improvements to Live TV and PVR functionality. Changes start in the user interface with widgets for Recent Recordings and Last Played Channels on the home screen, and the ability to choose showing the PVR guide or Channel window when Kodi starts. The PVR user interface has seen much love. Channels can be sorted by Last Played. TV and Radio recordings are now shown in separate windows. There is a huge performance increase when browsing the guide window. Scheduling of recordings had a complete rewrite with both timers and timer rules now displayed in separate windows, and instant recording options can be customised. There are now 15+ PVR add-ons and most have been updated, including VDR VNSI, Tvheadend, HDHomeRun, Enigma2 and MythTV. Kodi now comes with support in the back-end for Digital Devices Octopus Net and asynchronous connections to back-ends which helps with connection stability.

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