Smart Home assistants are going to be big 2017, Amazon have a head start with Alexa but Microsoft are looking to take them on with 3rd party devices. First we had a teaser of a new Harman Kardon Cortana enabled speaker and yesterday at CES Mattel announced a AI smart hub in the style of an Amazon Echo but powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services and coming soon Cortana.

Aristotle isn’t a clone of an Amazon Echo, it is designed specifically for parents with kids. There is a child mode where parents can setup which options kids can access or control plus it supports 3rd party services like IFTTT. It can even force kids to say please when controlling the system (which I think is an excellent idea) and the AI mode can detect when a baby cries and then trigger an action like playing music or turning on a night light.

The device is coming to the US this summer for $299, no UK details at the moment.

Via GeekWire

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