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I am starting to love my Amazon Dot, I am using it to control my lights and smart plugs, read out the news and play music. When it comes to controlling your Echo or Dot there is an iOS app and there is an app for Android but there are no apps for Windows 10. You may wonder why you want an app when most of the interactions are via voice but there are some things you want to do like enabling skills, setting up devices or even just listening to the voice history.

Well fortunately for Windows 10 users Amazon have a web interface for Alexa that is almost identical to the iOS and Android apps. Just go to alexa.amazon.co.uk (or .com for US readers) sign in with your Amazon account and then you full access to Amazon Alexa including the ability to setup a new device, control media playback and view your request history. You don’t even have to be on the same network as your Echo or Dot so you can manage Alexa remotely.

Even if you have an iOS or Android device it could be a better option to use the browser version on a laptop for when you are adding user account and entering passwords.

Unfortunately the web version doesn’t work on Windows 10 Mobile which is a shame.  I will work with Windows 10 Mobile if you put Edge in to desktop mode. Thanks Gordan R  for the tip.

So while there is no Amazon Alexa app for Windows 10 there is a great browser based option.

Here is my video how to:

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  1. Hey Ian it does work on Windows 10 mobile if you put edge into desktop mode. It’s a hack but it works 🙂

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