Video: Vidabox Surface Pro 4 Mounting frames

In this video I take a look at something a little different, a pair of Surface Pro 4 wall mounting kits from our old friends at Vidabox. One of the kits is for mounting the Surface Pro 4 on a standard VESA mount and another for attaching directly to the wall.

The on-wall kit comes with all the screws and components you need to mount your Surface Pro 4 on a wall for use a wall mounted touch screen. The frame attaches to the wall with 4 screws and then you place the Surface into the frame and snap on the cover. The frame is specifically for the Surface Pro 4 so it has the spaces for the power cables and buttons located in the correct place. The good thing with the wall mount kit is you can easily snap off the front panel so you can remove the Surface as needed, this would be a great solution for setting the devices up as a media controller for you home and then you can still quickly access the Surface. Its very simple to mount and costs from $119.99.

If you want a more secure solution you should check out the VESA mounting kit. The VESA kit comes in white and black and is more secure as you have to remove the screws from the back of the mount to be able to put the Surface in and out, this makes the whole thing feel very secure. Once nice little touch is a pop out plastic panel which you can open if you want to be able to access the Surface Pro 4 power button when mounted on the wall. Once the Surface is mounted into the frame you then attach it to a standard VESA mount on your wall which could be a flat mount or a swivel mount. This feels a more secure way of mounting your Surface Pro 4 but there is a lot more work if you want to remove the Surface which makes it better suited to a public environment than the other kit.

The kits are really well made and will not damage your Surface at all. The On Wall Mount costs from $119.99 and the VESA mount kit costs from $124.98. All screens and instructions are included and you can find out more at

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