In this video I take a look at the premium Nighthawk Wi-Fi range extender from Netgear. Wi-Fi range extenders are designed to fill in Wi-Fi dead spots. They work by you placing the extender towards the edge of your current Wi-Fi range and then it broadcasts a new Wi-Fi network filling in the gap. It bridges to your current network extending the range outside of the existing Wi-Fi range eliminating the dead spot.

Here is how Netgear describe it:

This device has dual band WiFi supporting 2.2Gbps, MU-MIMO and has a Gigabit port which can be used to connect up to a device that doesn’t have WiFi. Netgear say it covers 930m2 which is a large area. I tested it in a room that normally has a dead spot and found I got excellent network speeds when connecting via the extender.

Another feature is Access Point Mode. In access point mode you can use it as a Wi-Fi access point connected up to a router or cable modem and create a new Wi-Fi network.

It feels well-made and is easy to get setup. In this video I go through the setup, take a look at some of the configuration options and tests it with some of my devices.

The NETGEAR EX7300 Nighthawk AC2200 Mbps X4 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender costs £97 on Amazon.

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