Video: ICZI USB Easy Transfer Cable Review


If have a couple of laptops or PCs they you use at the same time it is a real pain switching between the keyboards each time. I have a couple of devices on my desk and with one just out of reach I have to move position. So a solution to control two devices at once is handy tool. The ICZI USB cable is a simple solution; it has USB plugs on both ends which you plug into the devices you want to link and then the PC sees the cable as a storage device which contains the PC control app. No install is needed but you do need admin rights to run the app, once connected you can pass the mouse between the two devices and the keyboard woks on the device with the mouse focus. This means you can sit and one PC and control the other. The clipboard also works with the app, so you can copy and paste between devices. It’s a really handy tool and doesn’t require any networking, all it needs is for each PC to have a USB 2 port.

It works with Mac OS, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP and there are 32bit and 64bit version included. The cable costs £15.99 from

Here is my hands-on video:

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