In this video I take a quick look at the 1byOne Smart Scale a Bluetooth enabled scale. As well as measuring your weight the sale measures Body fat scale, muscle mass and body mass index and then transmits it back to an Android or iOS app.

By itself it’s just a simple scale, the features come with the companion app where you can input personal details like your name and height and then it will keep a track of your weigh changes. It can detect who is on the scale so each person can have their own statistics. The scale transmits the data via Bluetooth, you have to have the app open when you are using the scale and then it transmits the data.

The app has a lot of details as you can see in the video and it isn’t the best UI I have come across. The main issue I have with the app is that after a month or so of use and app update wiped out all the history, and then a further update wiped out the history again. The issue seems to be fixed now, hopefully it won’t happen again.

Also since recording the video I found that you shouldn’t were socks as it needs the direct skin connection to work out the body fat index.

In this video I unbox and give the scale a try. The scale costs £28.99 on Amazon.

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