I hate Wi-Fi dead spots in my house and fortunately there is a simple solution using a Wi-Fi booster. The Pix-Link N300 WiFi Booster works you placing the booster towards the edge of your current Wi-Fi range then it connects to the WiFi either by WPS or by entering the current network password. It then creates a new WiFi network that connects to your existing network which devices can connect to extending the reach of your network.

The Pix-Link is really easy to use you press the WPS button on your existing router and then press the WPS button on the N300 and it pairs up. If you don’t have WPS you can manually enter your Wi-Fi password as I show in this video. Another handy feature is an Ethernet port so you can connect a network lead from the N300 to a devices that doesn’t have Wi-Fi so it’s a great way of adding Wi-Fi to a devices that doesn’t have it, in the box an Ethernet cable is included.

You can also use it as a Wi-Fi access point so you can plug it into a Router/Cable Modem and create a new Wi-Fi network. It’s a handy little device you can take with you if needed. As you can see in the video the signal strength is impressive and it supports 2.4 & 5 Ghz network ranges, I tested it with a Sky router and it should work with more or less any ISP’s router. It is really easy to use and costs £15.99 on Amazon.
Here is my video review

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