When you get a new device which just has USB C on it (like the new MacBooks, Google Pixel, Lumia 950 XL) you are probably going to want USB C cables and adaptors.

To plug a USB –A device into a USB C port you can get one of these little Choetech adaptors. The Choetech adaptor plugs in to your device and then you can connect up a standard USB device. For example with the adapter plugged in to my Nexus 6P or Lumia 950 XL I could plug in a USB peripherals like a keyboards and mouse and use it with the phone. I tried it with a USB hard drive and I could browse the data stored on the drive. The adaptor is really small and neat just what you need if you have a USB C enabled device like the new Macbook, Google Pixel C or a Dell XPS.


Another cable you may need is a USB A to USB C cable. When I tested some of these in the past the transfer speeds varied between cables, just because a cable has a USB-C connector on it doesn’t means its USB 3.0 compatible. Fortunately the cable from Choetech do support USB 3 (unlike their old cable) so you get fast transfer speeds (5 Gbps between devices). The cable has a braided cover so it shouldn’t kink or get tangled and feels like it should be durable and last.


Overall much improved over previous USB C cables Choetech sold. The USB C to USB 3 Adapters come in a 2 pack for £5.99 on Amazon and the USB C to USB 3 cables also come in a 2 pack for £8.99 on Amazon.


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