Plex is one of my recommended alternatives for Windows Media Center in Windows 10 and both the Android and Windows Store versions of the Plex app have been updated. The Windows version of the app now has support for videos in photo libraries which is great when you have small video clips mixed in with your photos. It also has fixes for syncing, Windows 10 Mobile UI and other minor changes.

The Android version of the app has a new TV layout replacing the old layout and numerous bug fixes. The Android version is available from the Google Play Store and the Windows Store and the server from

Windows Store Version: 3.1.27


  • Support videos in photo libraries (#1388)


  • (Sync) Sync button was not working
  • (W10M) Resize view content when soft buttons appear and disappear
  • (Photos) Navigating to a specific photo from a hub would sometimes display the first photo in the play queue instead
  • (Photos) Ctrl-B / Ctrl-F do not work as advertised with Photo playback (#1940)
  • (Library Sections) Discover/Browse state would default again to Discover when navigating back to a library section (#1769)
  • (Sync) Force active pivot to Browse if server does not support hubs (#1952)
  • (Pre-play) Audio is listed as unknown when there are multiple versions of the same video (#1953)
  • (Server claiming) Could not claim server on same machine with ‘Enable local network discovery (GDM)’ setting disabled
  • Servers were not being discovered when app is started the first time
  • A number of user-reported crashes

What’s New – Android

NEW (5.1.0)

– New TV layout now available for all devices with Android 4.4+

* Replaces old TV layout which is no longer available

* If your device has an older version of Android and you plan to use the TV layout, make sure you don’t install any future updates for the app (including this one)

* Learn more at

Much more, see

FIXES (5.1.4):

-The app would crash on startup if connected to server through relay (Android 6.0 only)

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